Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blogger Beginnings

My Grandmother has kept a diary since she was in her teenage years. Everyone in the family jokes around about her constant reference to what happened on July 2, 1962, but it's a great peice of literature to have. I've always been kind of envious of these memories that she's captured over the years.

A busy Mom with two jobs and three children has little time to sit down and update the scrapbook with things from their childhood. Newspaper clippings and special awards get thrown in the "keep" box in hopes that someday before they turn 18 you'll put it together so they can see what they've acheived.

My friend Jessica introduced me to this thing called a "blog". What is a blog anyways? I'll tell you... it's a great way to document those special times with your family and have a written document you can reference later without feeling the "guilt" of shoving the papers in the "keep box". I'd like to invite you to subscribe to this blog and keep up on our family and the adventures we've encountered along the way. This should be fun!


  1. Wow Carrie! What a cool idea! Love it!!!!! And I didn't even know you had a friend named Jessica...;D I may have to try this out. You are so absolutely right about the box deal and this is a perfect way to jot down those unforgettable moments that we somehow, FORGET!